Color fire hose

Size : 1 inch ,1.5inch ,2 inch ,2.5inch,3 inch ,4inch ,6inch ,8inch

Working Pressure : 6bar , 8 bar,10 bar, 13 bar     

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Color fire hose

supply color fire hose with the following features

  1. warp:      polyester yarn/ filament

        weft:       polyester filament

  1. weaving :  plain/twill
  2. lining:     PVC.Rubber
  3. features :

       麒麟城 1) high pressure .resistance

麒麟城2) anti-wear,aging

麒麟城3) non-permeable

4) inculcation resistance

5) flexible and pliable

5.Applications: garden, irrigation,high official building,fire fighting car

麒麟城6. Technical Parameter:

Size : 1 inch ,1.5inch ,2 inch ,2.5inch,3 inch ,4inch ,6inch ,8inch

Color: white, red, and so on (according to your requirements)

麒麟城Working Pressure : 6bar , 8 bar,10 bar, 13 bar     Burst Pressure : 18bar,24bar,30bar,39bar

Test Pressure : 12 bar ,16bar,20bar,26bar

Length :15m, 20m ,25m ,30m ,50m (according to your requirements)

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